Consumer Directed Services (CDS) Common Forms

TOC Common Forms for Consumer Directed Services (CDS)
Touch of Class Email Electronic Communication Consent Form
Payroll Direct Deposit Form
CDS EVV Client and Employee Information Form
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HHSC Common Forms for Consumer Directed Services (CDS)
CDS Handbook Forms Page on the HHSC Website
Form 1720 - CDS Appointment of Designated Representative
Form 1722 - CDS Employer's Selection for Electronic Visit Verification Responsibilities
Form 1724 - CDS New Employee Packet Cover Sheet
Form 1725 - CDS Criminal Conviction History and Registry Checks
Form 1727 - CDS Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
Form 1728 - CDS Liability Acknowledgement
Form 1729 - CDS Applicant Verification for Employees
Form 1730 - CDS Wage and Benefits Plan - Employee Compensation
Form 1731 - CDS Employee Work Schedule and Assigned Tasks
Form 1732 - CDS Management and Training of Service Provider
Form 1733 - CDS Employer and Employee Acknowledgement of Exemption from Nursing Licensure for Certain Services
Form 1734 - CDS Service Provider and Employer Certification of Relationship Status
Form 1737 - CDS Employer and Employee Service Agreement
Form 1739 - CDS Service Provider Agreement